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Caddieye Button

Caddieye Button is your greenkeeper’s and your players’ new best friend. Our service allows your course staff to provide crucial live information for your players on course conditions and events. And as we all know, better communication means happier golfers.

Here are some of the issues we are tackling with our service:

  • 90% of players search for the weather forecast before their round.
  • 93% of visiting players primarily look for information on the golf course website.
  • 40% of players find it difficult to find crucial information on the course website (such as weather, driving instructions, upcoming events and contact information)
  • 70% of players want to know more about the course’s condition and maintenance work.
  • 25% of players read the courses available information on the daily.

Help us help you by giving your players the information they are longing for.


Starting from $99 per month.


Company information

Easily share your contact information and opening hours.

Unlimited users

Freely add users to the service to ensure the flow of information to players.

Course condition and weather

Provide players with up-to-date information about the condition of the course and the weather.

Call to action

Create shortcuts to the most important functions and services for players to easily reach.

Customer service

We are always ready to help you. Reach us by chat, phone or email.

Easy to use and safe

Fill in the basic information and the service is ready to use. Payments are automatically transferred through the Stripe service, so your information is always secure.

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…believe that golf should be fun for everyone. We believe that golfers should enjoy playing as much as possible. Most importantly, we believe that we can be one of the solutions for that.

…are a group of passionate golf-crazy doers with one thing in common. We are confident that our SaaS services can help improve your customer satisfaction and golfing experience for every player.

…strive to build streamlined and user-friendly experiences with our services that make your players, simply put, happy. We do not accomplish this alone, but with our customers. Together, by listening carefully and adjusting to the feedback, we can develop new and innovative service models. Our Holy Trinity, creativity, co-operation, and courage, form the basis of our work.

Through research, product development, and imagination, we aim to create new products that will benefit golfers and golf courses and push the entire golf industry forward. Wherever in the world your golf course is, we are convinced of one thing. By making the game more enjoyable and bringing golfers closer to the golf courses, we are surely creating increasingly unforgettable golfing experiences every day.

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