Top 15 best practices for golf courses to create cost-effective marketing that drives more sales (part 1/2)

In this blog post, we are going to give you our top tips on how to create great offers that create sales by bringing more visiting players and creating more engaged club members.

In this day and age, golf courses have to adapt to the modern environment. Because of this, marketing and advertising have become even more crucial. Players want more value for money, and the number of active golfers has taken a dive. Attracting Millenials to start golfing seems to be harder than previously imagined. Proper marketing may set you apart, especially with younger people.

Golf courses generally have a limited marketing budget. This makes traditional advertising channels like TV, outdoor billboards, prints, and radio too expensive to use. Thanks to digitalization, there is a vast array of mediums to use for your marketing needs. But how would it sound if you could turn your website into a marketing tool with just one simple tool? Brilliant? You bet. So sit back and take a look at our top tips for creating cost-effective and successful golf offers with the Caddieye Button.

1. Get to know your target audience

Know who your audience is and study their tendencies. Do you think that an offer for coffee will be more appealing than an offer for beer? Pro lesson discounts more relevant than buggy fee discounts? Give your offers some thought, and rather than making offers on things you want to sell, make offers you think the people really want.

Thinking big is essential in marketing, but try to create targeted offers for specific groups to get the best traction for your offer. You may want to have an offer that appeals to parents or grandparents that are visiting your course with kids. And on the other side of the spectrum another offer for a group of friends that want to have a relaxed Friday evening with a few cold beers or drinks.

2. Use simple and clear language

The language in your offers is one of the keys to success. You don’t want to sound too distant from beginners by using a lot of slang or jargon in your offers. So when you’re writing your golf offers, try to write the offers like you were writing them to someone who is not a golfer. If you stick to this guideline, you should create clear and understandable offers. This will help the offers be easily understandable, and thus effective.

3. Make your message clear and evoke the feeling of urgency

Remember that offers should be punchy and catchy, not clumsy or too long. A good offer should also evoke a sense of urgency in your target audience. The best guideline for keeping your offers clear is the legendary “keep it simple stupid” saying. What comes to creating the feeling of urgency, try to use words which drive action, and always add a deadline to your offer. For example: “Limited offer valid only today: Get 30% off of morning green fees between 7-8am.”

4. Grab attention with quality pictures

When creating any kind of marketing or advertising, keeping things visually satisfying is always really important. People remember 80 percent of what they see, but only 20 percent of what they read. Don’t forget to use professional pictures in your offers because it gives your offer a better, more valuable feel.

5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes 

Don’t be scared to get creative when you are coming up with new offers. The process of creating an appealing offer shouldn’t be too careful. Otherwise, you will notice that you’re not making any offers at all because you’re trying to avoid mistakes. So be playful, have fun, and learn in the process of creating new offers.

6. Remember to analyze and optimize your offers regularly

Remember that making great offers will not happen overnight. It’s a process. So, examine how your offers are doing, which ones perform the best and why, and which ones are not doing that well. Try to find differences between these offers and learn. Be persistent and optimize your offers, and in no time, you’ll realize that you’re starting to get the hang of making offers, and that’s when the fun starts.

So there you go! Feel free to use these tips, and be sure to stay tuned because we are about to post the rest of our top tips next week. In the meanwhile, check out how the Caddieye Button could boost your sales by making the most out of your web traffic with a simple marketing tool.

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